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Why Pregnant Women Should Visit a Dentist Regularly


Many women don’t realize how important it is for them to tell their dentist about their pregnancy. Pregnancy can cause serious dental issues if you are not receiving regular care. It may be wise to schedule a dentist appointment before trying to conceive, if it’s possible. You can get a full cleaning procedure or oral cleaning in Karachi and your dentist can treat any existing issues you may have.

A large percentage of pregnant women may experience pregnancy gingivitis. Swollen gums that bleed easily are a sign of this condition. A small lump may also form on the gums and can bleed during brushing. Fortunately, swollen gums are not harmful to the unborn baby. However, hormonal changes that occur during pregnancy can make a woman more susceptible to bacteria that are present in plaque, which may lead to gingivitis.

The hormonal changes that occur in the body during pregnancy put you at an increased risk for periodontal disease. When the dental issues are not treated, it may lead to tooth loss. It is important to practice good oral hygiene during your pregnancy, as increased blood flow may cause increase in bacteria which contribute to periodontal disease.

Dry mouth is another common complaint during pregnancy due to the hormonal changes that the body undergoes. The dentist may recommend sugarless gum to increase the production of saliva.

If you are taking any medications during your pregnancy, make sure you discuss this with the dentist. Your doctor needs all of the pertinent information to decide the best course of oral treatment for you.

When a woman is pregnant, there are a number of steps she can take to ensure a healthy mouth. Always tell your dentist about the pregnancy because you may need x-rays or anesthesia during the treatment. It is important to regularly brush and floss during the time of pregnancy. Brush twice and floss once every day. An antibacterial mouthwash is also beneficial.

Let your dentist know if you suffer from morning sickness. The dentist may be able to recommend the best toothpaste that has a flavor, which won’t aggravate the problem. A skillful dentist in Karachi along with dental crowns, teeth whitening, teeth cleaning & filling, Root Canal Treatment, dental veneers, dental bridges and orthodontist treatment. may also advise you how to proceed with oral health after a spell of severe illness. It’s better to head to the dentist before your oral health worsens to live a carefree life.

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