Regular Dental Check Up

Importance of Regular Dental Check Up

Teeth to any human are probably the most important of the body. They portray your beautiful smile and therefore their cleanliness is similarly important. In fact, it’s the most important because not only does a bad mouth put you in extreme pain but also discomforts the people around you due to bad breath. WHY ARE…

How Do Dental Implants Work With Your Existing Teeth?

How Do Dental Implants Work With Your Existing Teeth?

Due to new technology now you can place dental implants around natural teeth that are quite fitted and look natural to other teeth. So you won’t be needed to remove the teeth to have them fitted as an artificial root is placed into the jaw. This implant secures the tooth and you don’t need to…

Why You Should Be Brushing Your Tongue?

Why You Should Be Brushing Your Tongue?

Cleaning teeth regularly is a good habit also brush your tongue because the bacteria can live on your tongue and cause disease. You may have seen people with dental issues some have the reason for age or some have a bad habit of not brushing their teeth. To fight against bad breath and killing bacteria…

Appointment for the Dentist During Pandemic

Should We Make An Appointment For The Dentist During The COVID-19 Pandemic?

American dental association following the government’s recommendations regarding containment and prevention of COVID-19 (coronavirus). You should avoid going to the dentist even if you had an appointment (like root canals) but reschedule it. From 31 December 2019, a human-based-virusinfected enormous people and cause deaths. Everywhere in the world, it has become a pandemic disease, as…

Oral Precautions for Coronavirus COVID-19

Coronavirus is a contiguous disease and spreading around the world with daily increasing numbers of patients. Many of the victims died until now collectively, the medical science has failed to cure the viral infection as there is no treatment of this disease. Health care is being provided, but severely damaged people’s lungs couldn’t survive. The…

How to Keep Your Teeth Healthy?

6 Easy Ways To Keep Your Teeth Healthy

Keeping your teeth healthy requires daily care. No matter if your teeth look all nice and aligned, you have to put effort into making sure to prevent them from problems. It is not complicated as it sounds, Jangda Clinic has mentioned some easy ways here so you can keep up with your oral health. 1….

Tooth Polishing

Things to Know About Tooth Polishing

Dental care of teeth is necessary to avoid problem and issue which cause pain or even look bad, and tooth polishing is a procedure to make your teeth whiter, stain-free and glistening. Tooth polishing is done as a cosmetic procedure and has little therapeutic value that improves the aestheticsand dental health of the teeth. To…

Facts about Root Canal Treatment You Should Know

7 Facts about Root Canal Treatment You Should Know

We have all heard about root canal therapy but very few know what it is and what one has to go through. Some of us are scared due to exaggerated claims about discomfort and pain linked with it. However, having a clear idea about this procedure can help to wipe away any irrational fears one…

7 Easy Ways to Protect Your Teeth

7 Easy Ways to Protect Your Teeth

A smile tells much more about a person than their eyes can. An instant show of pearly whites gives you a perfect first impression, while yellow teeth or whiff of bad breath can leave of embarrassed. But don’t worry if you are having any of these problems, Jangda Clinic, the best service provider of teeth…

6 Things to Know About Teeth Whitening

6 Things to Know About Teeth Whitening

Jangda Clinic, one of the leading providers of teeth whitening services in Karachi, brings you a few important facts about teeth whitening. Here’s what you need to know if you want your teeth to shine brighter: 1. Teeth Are Like Sponges, They Absorb Just like skin or a sponge, teeth also have pores that absorb…