Which Things Can Ruin Your Teeth?

Which Things Can Ruin Your Teeth?

A beautiful smile heavily depends upon the health of your teeth. We often don’t look after our teeth until (for whatever reason) they are no longer healthy. While many of us are more prone to tooth decay than others, we can follow some basic tips to keep our teeth healthy, like brushing regularly and regular...

Why Pregnant Women Should Visit a Dentist Regularly

Many women don’t realize how important it is for them to tell their dentist about their pregnancy. Pregnancy can cause serious dental issues if you are not receiving regular care. It may be wise to schedule a dentist appointment before trying to conceive, if it’s possible. You can get a full cleaning procedure or oral cleaning...

5 Great Tips to Naturally Clean Teeth

Keeping up regular dental appointments can checkups are likely to have you a professional dental clean. Oral cleaning Karachi professionals say that it is designed to smooth over the rough edges, spruce up the oral interior to have you a sparkling and healthy mouth. It is the quickest and easiest approach to get teeth rid of plaque...

How to Prevent Tooth Fillings If You Have Cavities

There are many people who choose to have their cavity filled instead of getting a Root Canal Treatment root canal. It is better to trust the dentist in any case, but a tooth filling is necessary if you are feeling pain or discomfort. Take a second opinion from the dentists whether you need fillings or tooth...

How to Overcome Your Fear of Dentist in 4 Ways

Visiting a dentist can be a painful experience for many people. There are many people, young or old, who are afraid to go to the dentist. Choose a good dentist if you have a dental phobia or oral exams in Karachi. Don’t avoid the dentist when you are having trouble in eating or chewing food. Here...
Child Obesity

How Periodontal Disease and Child Obesity Related

Periodontal disease refers to a bacterial infection affecting tissues of the bone that support the teeth. When the inflammation increases, the teeth become loose as the gum no longer supports them firmly. Obesity, on the other hand, is simply being overweight. According to experts, the world is experiencing more obese cases among children than before....

Cosmetic Dental Veneers – Facts You Must Know

What You Need to Know About Cosmetic Dental Veneers Many people, when asked what they notice first about another person, will respond with “their smile.” For those with stained or irregular teeth, that may not be a good news. Perhaps you feel self-conscious about your smile, wishing for perfect pearly whites. One option to improve...
Oral Health

5 Myths That Can Put Your Oral Health At Risk

When you lose a tooth it is beneficial for your gums and jaw to replace at least the crown of your teeth. It is beneficial because it helps you with chewing, speaking and the overall health of your teeth.

Foods Healthy Teeth

5 Best Foods to Keep Your Teeth Healthy

When you lose a tooth it is beneficial for your gums and jaw to replace at least the crown of your teeth. The crown of a tooth is the part of the tooth that is above the gum line.