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Why Children can Have Bad Breath

Shocked Kid

As with adults, bad breath in children can be the result of many factors, some more serious than others. A lack of brushing or improper brushing technique is often at the root of bad breath, but the truth is bad breath isn’t always an oral issue. Here are some of the most common reasons for bad breath in kids, aside from forgetting to brush their teeth. Expert Orthodontists in Karachi explain the most common but unknown causes of bad breath in children.

Sinus Infection

A sinus infection can cause bacteria-filled fluid to build up in the cavities around the nasal passages. A sinus infection, or rhinosinusitis, often leads to severe noticeable symptoms, including facial pain, sore throat, congestion, and infected nasal discharge. What many parents don’t realize is a sinus infection can also produce a foul odor that won’t be fixed by brushing.

Infected Tonsils

A child’s tonsils should be pink without spots. When red and white spotted tonsils are visible that seem inflamed, it’s likely an infection. The bacteria responsible for the infection can produce a very foul odor and bad breath, but tonsillitis is easily treated with antibiotics.

Stuffy Nose

A child with a cold, stuffy nose, or even an object stuck in the nose may have a surprising symptom: bad breath. An object trapped in the nose is especially common with toddlers, but the object should never be removed at home as attempting to dislodge it can push the object higher in the nasal cavity.

Dry Mouth

Adults and children alike often develop bad breath due to dry mouth. In adults, a dry mouth is usually caused by medications or a health problem, but children usually develop this problem when they don’t drink enough water. Without adequate fluids, the body can’t produce enough saliva, which neutralizes acids caused by plaque and washes away dead cells. Sometimes young children develop dry mouth by simply breathing through their mouth instead of their nose. Dry mouth contributes to bad breath by allowing the odor-causing bacteria to flourish.

Oral Problems

Sometimes bad breath in children is caused by an infection or dry mouth, but it can also be caused by gum disease or tooth decay. Even excellent brushing habits aren’t always enough to prevent the odor of tooth decay or gum disease and there is no way for toothpaste or mouthwash to stop decay that has already set in. Parents should always supervise young children brushing their teeth to make sure they are doing it correctly.Find out more at our dental clinic in Karachi or call now at 9221-34940575.

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