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Things to Know About Tooth Polishing

Tooth Polishing

Dental care of teeth is necessary to avoid problem and issue which cause pain or even look bad, and tooth polishing is a procedure to make your teeth whiter, stain-free and glistening. Tooth polishing is done as a cosmetic procedure and has little therapeutic value that improves the aestheticsand dental health of the teeth. To polish the teeth after debridement and before fluoride application, it is a prophy cup (motorized rubber cup) used with polishing compound.

Ways of Tooth polishing

Tooth polishing is needed to remove decay and recovers weak spots in the enamel as plaque and tartar scraped from the surface of teeth called scaling. Then the teeth are buffed and polished to remove staining then cover them with a protective coat of fluoride for glistening. There are two significant ways of polishing the first is with a slow speed dental drill and a rubber cup which used with polishing paste to clean and polish the teeth.

The other type of polishing is most useful for the people who have cracks and cervices in and between teeth with a blasting type of device loaded with baking soda which won’t affect your teeth enamel.

Objectives of Tooth Polishing

In old times tooth polishing was a routine and done as a part of dental prophylaxis; however, it was realized that overuse of this technique could cause damage. It can allow stains and plaque accumulation by damaging the outer structure covering of the teeth. Today dentists do not recommend tooth polishing as a routine procedure because repetitive use can remove the fluoride protection layer from the teeth.

Benefits of Tooth Polishing

Tooth polishing is necessary to avoid dental problems like cavities because the procedure not only polishes teeth but also removes plaque, stains, and microorganisms from the surface. While the scaling of the teeth is a painless procedure, and whatever your age is, it has no harm in cleaning the teeth. Scaling by machine and clear debris from the teeth by hand gives a clean finish to the teeth and polished.

Tooth Polishing Cost

Tooth polishing is a bit expensive procedure and also depends on the dentist where you live, but if you are in Karachi, you can get it done from one of the best dental clinics, the Jangda Clinic, where we offer comprehensive dental care services including teeth cleaning and affordable teeth whitening Karachi.


Always remember the tooth polishing procedure does not bring risks but a gentle polishing method that is safe for all age people. If someone has sensitive teeth, they are recommended the cupping procedure of polishing, and if they have any erosion in teeth, the polishing may be limited.

Of course, tooth polishing cannot prevent tooth decay unless considering its routine of scaling and flossing to the dentist. The safe side of the tooth polishing is needed after every six months with one caveat to keep teeth shining.

Jangda Clinic is one of the leading dental clinics in Karachi. Our extensive services include dental implant, teeth whitening, dental crowns, teeth cleaning & filling, Root Canal Treatment, dental veneers, dental bridges, and orthodontist treatment. Book your appointment today at +92-21-34940575.

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