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Are Permanent Retainers The Right Choice For You?

A permanent or fixed retainer is a piece of metal wire that is fitted to the inside of your teeth. The metal wire is attached to your teeth to keep them from shifting back to their pre-braces position.

Your orthodontist may recommend that you wear a detachable retainer for your upper teeth and a fixed retainer for your bottom teeth. Fixed retainers for dental implant are growing more popular as they are more convenient, particularly among those who lead hectic lives.

How Do Permanent Retainers Function?

Because it is attached to the back surfaces of the teeth, a permanent retainer is also known as a lingual wire.

Because glue known as bonding material is used to connect the retainer, it is sometimes referred to as a bonded retainer.

Braces are used by orthodontists to correct crooked or misaligned teeth. Braces assist in moving your teeth into proper alignment and correcting issues such as crowding or spacing.

Many patients, however, realize that when their braces are removed, their teeth begin to migrate back to their original position. Your orthodontist will want to limit the movement of your teeth in order to keep them in their new place. Otherwise, the entire treatment may fail as a result of recurrence.

Permanent retainers come into play here. Permanent retainers properly secure the teeth. You don’t have to remove and replace them like detachable retainers.

What Are the Advantages of Using Permanent Retainers?

– You won’t have to take your retainers on and off.
– There is almost minimal speech interruption, so you will not feel anxious while speaking in public.
– Unnoticeable: Because the wires are put on the inner and less apparent surfaces of your teeth, no one will notice you have retainers on.
– There is no need to be concerned about loss or damage because the retainers are linked to your teeth.

What are the advantages of removing retainers?

– Removable: You can take them off to consume something.
– Cleaning detachable retainers is simple since you simply soak them in a cleaning solution and wash them with water.
– Fixed retainers on upper teeth are more prone to injury since your lower teeth may bite on them.
– Simple to maintain oral hygiene: just remove them before brushing or flossing your teeth.

What Are the Consequences of Permanent Retainers?

If the underlying cause of misaligned teeth is correctly treated, there is no reason for the teeth to return to their original locations, eliminating the need for a permanent retainer.

So, if your orthodontist recommends a fixed retainer, it might signify that your orthodontic problem remains unsolved even after your braces are removed.

What Should I Do If My Retainers Snap Off?

If your permanent retainers get detached from your teeth or bend, you should not attempt to repair the problem yourself. You should also not ignore the problem. What you can do is as follows:

Contact your dentist or orthodontist as soon as possible- A disconnected retainer end can be dangerous because it can hurt your mouth and damage your teeth. As a result, treat it as an emergency and see your dentist straight away to get it treated. Furthermore, a detached tooth might hasten its migration away from its optimal location (its position relative position to the other teeth).
Schedule a consultation with your orthodontist- If your retainer ends are still in place but the wire is removed from one or more teeth or twisted anywhere in the middle, you have some leeway to have it corrected. Make an appointment with your orthodontist to repair or replace your retainer before it causes more harm.

How Do I Floss and Clean My Permanent Retainers?

Cleaning your teeth while wearing fixed retainers might be difficult. Here are a few suggestions for improving your dental hygiene routine:

Brush your teeth as you normally would. Ensure that your bristles run through the spaces between the teeth, covering all of the regions around the retainer. A sonic toothbrush might be useful in this situation.
Flossing between the teeth can be time-consuming in the beginning as you try to get the hang of it. With a few days of serious practice, you will be an expert. When placing floss between teeth, take care not to yank it in, since this might hurt your gums. Instead, carefully move the floss down the sides of the teeth to clean the interdental surfaces.


Permanent retainers are an easy way to keep your teeth in their new places for the rest of your life. It has a few key limitations and is not suitable for every situation. Discuss your choices with your dentist or the leading dental clinic in Karachi, the Jangda Clinic so you can make the best decision for you. For more information, please contact us at 021-34940576.

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