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5 Common Myths About Root Canal Treatment

Myths About Root Canal Treatment

A dentist is a general term for anyone who has knowledge related to your mouth, teeth, gums, and more. These dentists are further classified into groups and categories. Some of them are orthodontists, dental surgeons, hygienists, and endodontists. Today we will be talking about root canal treatments, one of the very common procedures in the medical profession. When the tooth gets severely infected, a procedure is done by the professionals that drill into the tooth, washes and cleans it thoroughly, and then seals it up back again. Root canal treatments in Karachi are very successful and in case you reside nearby, you must come to the city for better results. This is a very simple procedure and would take less than an hour, however, there are many myths about it. We will discuss them all today.

Root Canal Procedures Are Painful

It is actually the opposite of painful. This treatment helps get rid of the pulp that is causing pain in the first place. Endodontists would first numb the entire surrounding area before working on it. So the most you would feel is the pinch of the needle and that’s it. Root canal treatments are nothing like they used to be several years ago. The advancement in the medical field, technology, and equipment has made this process pain-free.

Root Canal Treatments Require Numerous Visits To The Dental implant.

Root Canal Treatments Require Numerous Visits To The Dental Hospital

Several people assume that extraction is a better solution than the root canal as it is quicker. However, that’s not true. When a tooth decays, and you opt for extraction you would need dental implants later. The extraction would actually lead to more visits to the hospital and eventually pouring of more money. On the other hand, root canal treatments can be a minimum of one visit and a maximum of three, depending on the condition of the tooth and how badly it is damaged.

Root Canal “Kills” The Natural Tooth

This treatment does not kill the natural tooth, instead, it is there to actually save it from further damage. It wouldn’t be one of the treatments if it were to lead to any trouble. On the other hand, if you don’t get a root canal done, in case you need it, the tooth would completely decay and the only solution left would be pulling it out completely. That is killing the tooth. The procedure would, however, help preserve the tooth by cleaning and disinfecting it.

Root Canal Procedures Have A Low Success Rate

As per the statistics, this treatment is about 95% successful. As long as the area surrounding the treated tooth is kept clean and healthy, there would be no need for any further procedures in the future.

Root Canal Procedures Lead To Illnesses

This myth is almost a century old. It is based on some research that was done several decades ago but didn’t produce any solid facts or evidence in order to support the claim. These treatments were caused to treat the infection in the first place, not cause it.

Final Words

Jangda Clinic is one of the best Dentist in Karachi with a very qualified and experienced team of professionals. They provide one of the most astounding root canal treatments in Karachi. You must definitely meet the dentists at Jangda before getting into the whole dental procedure. There are several other treatments and procedures being performed too. For more details and information contact Jandga Clinic at [email protected] or call at 021-34940575.

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