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Expecting? Your Guide To Maintaining Oral Health During Pregnancy

Pregnancy is no doubt the most blissful period in a woman’s life. But it sure brings along the many transformations and physical changes in your body. While taking care of your mental and physical health should certainly be your top priority, it is always crucial not to ignore your oral health during pregnancy. The change in your hormones during pregnancy can impact your body in many ways, including your mouth. Thus, making it a must for expectant mothers to take extra care of their oral hygiene.

We understand that your hormones are already taking a toll on your mind and finding out how to maintain your oral hygiene during pregnancy could be a task. So, stress not for we’ve put together a great and easy-to-understand guide for maintaining oral hygiene during pregnancy in this blog post for your ease.

Dive in to learn the basics and get going!

Prioritize Routine Dental Checkups

While routine dental checkups are important for everyone, expectant mothers should always prioritize them over everything else. It is because pregnancy hormones can have a major impact on your oral hygiene – exposing your tooth to a lot of unlikely problems such as quick decay, etc.
Thus, it is important to get your routine dental checkup scheduled in your early pregnancy so that any underlying dental issue can be scrutinized and treated within time. Jangda Clinic is one of the best dental clinics in Karachi, with top dental experts on the team who can help you maintain perfect oral hygiene during pregnancy without much hassle.

Maintain Consistent Oral Hygiene

It is significant to maintain consistent oral hygiene during pregnancy for many reasons. On top of all, the change in your hormones can cause sensitivity in your gums, inflammation, and even lead to a condition called pregnancy gingivitis.

The good news is – you can avoid all that hassle by simply brushing your teeth twice a day and flossing at least once every day. In addition to that, you can fight better with the symptoms of morning sickness and discomfort by maintaining healthy oral hygiene. It can help you prevent bad breath, gum sensitivity, and dry mouth – allowing you to feel fresh most of the time.

Stay Hydrated and Maintain a Good Diet

Bad breath and dry mouth are common symptoms experienced by expectant mothers. The most common reason for them is lack of hydration and improper diet. Since both these symptoms can lead to major oral hygiene problems including gum sensitivity and tooth decay – it is important that you stay fully hydrated and maintain a good diet while pregnant. It is not only good for your oral hygiene but can also contribute to a healthier pregnancy and the best care of the baby inside your womb.

While drinking water throughout the day can continue washing out all the bacteria and food particles from your mouth, a healthier diet can contribute to the sufficiency of essential nutrients such as calcium, phosphorus, and vitamins C and D – supporting the development of stronger gums and teeth for both you and your baby.

Restore Your Oral Hygiene during Pregnancy with Jangda Clinic in Karachi

Now that you’ve been through the above guide, you must understand how to maintain your oral hygiene during pregnancy and avoid serious dental complications. However, if by any chance, you seem to face any such problem like tooth decay or gum sensitivity, etc. – you can always seek help from the dental practitioners available at Jangda Dental Clinic. We have top-notch specialists on board who know exactly how to best treat the dental conditions of pregnant women without causing any discomfort to them or the baby. Whether you’re looking for the best root canal treatment in Karachi for pregnant women or any other dental assistance our experts can be of help with utmost professionalism.

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