How Do Dental Implants Work With Your Existing Teeth?

How Do Dental Implants Work With Your Existing Teeth?

Due to new technology now you can place dental implants around natural teeth that are quite fitted and look natural to other teeth. So you won’t be needed to remove the teeth to have them fitted as an artificial root is placed into the jaw. This implant secures the tooth and you don’t need to be anchored to your existing teeth as bridges would. The selling of dental implants with your existing teeth is high because it looks and functions like normal teeth and supports them structurally. Since they should be less use like chewing and biting for longer functionality.

Effects on the Structure of Existing Teeth

Dental implants do not affect the structure of existing teeth as they are fitted in the place with retaining all of them. Because the implants would only fill the gap to give a natural look and functioning of the artificial tooth. There would be no unparalleled structure of the implant teeth whether it’s one or more teeth.
Colors and Contours of Existing Teeth

People need to understand that the color and contour of dental implants would match the existing teeth as the shape, position, and color all play an important role in your smile. The dental implant color will be of the same color of your existing teeth by matching your photo and looks natural. The angle of the teeth will be notified with deep focus so that it will blend with natural teeth and you can’t say which one is artificial.

Precautions to Take Care of Your Dental Implant

Dental implantation is a highly technical process in which the damaged tooth is replaced with the artificial one by installing it in the place. It’s an expensive procedure and you can have it when you can afford it. So it’s better to take care of the dental implants during the healing process and after that.

However, you should take care of implant teeth by the same as you do with the existing ones as there is no extra hassle in it that makes life better. As you don’t need to rush to wash teeth every time you eat something. You can go to the dentist again if you have any issues healing the implantation. You will not face any issue though while eating, chewing, smiling, speaking, and brushing your teeth.


Dental implants work well with your existing teeth without any side effects and bridging other teeth. It increases your confidence with a good and satisfactory smile and improves your speaking ability and eating. All you have to do to take care of your teeth and if the implants do not heal up soon then consult the doc. Well, it happens in rare conditions otherwise the dental implants work successfully.

For dental implants, you need to have an appointment with the doc first as he would tell you how the procedure will take place and you would have no pain. Once the surgery will be done the life will become easier for you.

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