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8 Foods That Can Cause Bad Breath

Foods That Can Cause Bad Breath

Bad breath is also known as halitosis. It is a common disease where it creates an unfavorable odor for your mouth and breath. If you want to prevent bad breath quickly, you should pay essential care to your oral hygiene. But some food items are contributing toward the lousy breath. One of the leading dental clinics in Karachi. Jangda Clinic has listed the 8 foods that can cause bad breath;

2. Ginger

This has been one of those food items which have been used to settle upset stomach condition. But at the same time, it is also helpful to mitigate bad breath. Ginger is based on one such compound that activates an enzyme in saliva. As it gets started, the saliva will break down the bacteria, emitting some unpleasant odors linked with your bad breath.

You do have a choice where you can combine pressed or powdered ginger with some lemon juice in warm water. This will help you to create an easy mouth rinse to give your mouth a refreshed feeling.

2. Cheese

It has been medically studied that you will increase the pH level in your mouth by eating cheese, which will decrease the emerging risk of any tooth decay. As you start chewing the cheese, it will increase saliva production inside your mouth, where it will bring up some smelly bacterial. Apart from that, cheese also contains calcium and protein, which is helpful to fortify tooth enamel.

3. Almonds

Almonds are packed with full fiber. This fiber is excellent to counteract bad breath where it functions to clear bacteria or debris out from your teeth. Those food items which are high in fiber are incredibly advantageous because they will keep the odor-inducing bacteria from easily staining your teeth.

4. Yogurt

Yogurt, most importantly, probiotic sugar-free yogurt is rich in protein and calcium. Yogurt is helpful to improve your whole oral health and strengthen your teeth. Besides, it will also decrease the cavity risk responsible for harmful bacteria in your mouth.

5. Minty Herbs

Minty herbs, including parsley and mint, have a strong scent with which it produces a deodorizing effect. They do even contain chlorophyll, which is included with some anti-bacterial properties.

6. Fennel Seeds

Eating some fennel seeds is an excellent cure for bad breath. These seeds are aiming to nullify menacing offensive odors and yet support healthy digestion completely.

7. Crunchy, Leafy Greens

Besides, Leafy green vegetables, including kale or spinach, have a pigment known as chlorophyll. This pigment works as a natural fumigator, which is healthy for your mouth. By introducing some leafy greens in your diet plan, you can decrease foul odor’s emergence for bad breath.

8. Raw Fruits & Citruses

Any such fruit item rich in Vitamin C is excellent to decrease nasty bacteria that can cause bad breath. Melons, or berries, contain a high amount of water. This water will hydrate the mouth and keep it away from any bacteria or debris.

Final Words

Jangda Clinic is among the top dental clinics in Karachi. This center has earned a considerable reputation for its excellent services of teeth whitening, dental implant, dental crowning, bridges, fillings, teeth cleaning, and root canal treatment in Karachi. For more details and information, contact Jandga Clinic at [email protected] or call at 021-34940575.

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