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What You Need to Know About Dental Implants?

Implants in karachi

For most people, even the idea of going to a dentist for regular checkup is scary and considering an oral surgery, like dental implants, might seem like paralyzing. If you’re also part of that most people percentage and fear getting a dental implant than this blog post could be your best guide.
Dental implant surgeries are becoming common these days, the procedure is highly secure, and the recovery is quick. If you’ve been recommended a dental implant by your consultant and fearing what it might bring, here’s a brief description of all you need to know!

What Exactly Is A Dental Implant & Why Would You Need Them?

Well, losing a tooth via injury or disease can often cause complication such as defective speech, rapid loss of bones, and even discomforting changes in the chewing patterns. A dental implant, however, can replace your decaying or completely decayed tooth – majorly improving the quality of your health and life.
It basically comprises of a dental implant body and abutments that might come inclusive of a fixation screw alongside. The body is integrated into the jawbone replacing the actual root of your decaying or decayed tooth using the screws and it extends up to your mouth through the gums supporting the newly attached artificial tooth or teeth.
This might sound scary, rightly so but, here’s a list of few things you should learn about the procedure to hush away the fear!

No, the Process Isn’t Painful At All

While dental implants could be slightly painful without anesthesia, implant placement surgeries are mostly conducted with a slight anesthesia – making the process entirely free of pain. Surgeons from the best dental clinics in Karachi know exactly how to place the dental implants with 100% accuracy so you don’t feel even the slightest hinge of pain.

Yes, They Need Protection from Gum Disease Just like Natural Teeth –

No doubt your dental implants can resist gum disease, they are not fully impervious to bacteria. Thus, a delay in your routine dental checkups or no proper dental hygiene can cause bacteria growth resulting into gum disease. It might also lead towards compromising your new teeth if not take the right care of.

Here’s a list of few actions that can prevent your dental implants from any such diseases!

  • Brush your teeth twice everyday
  • Don’t forget to floss after brushing
  • Use water-based floss to clean the area under your replacement tooth
  • Always remember to rinse your mouth with an anti-bacterial solution to finish off

Absolutely Yes, Dental Implants can last for a Lifetime

If you undergo the right dental implanting procedure in the rightful supervision of an experienced prosthodontist, they can definitely last for a lifetime without bothering you at all. However, if you really want them to last this long, you must always take good care of your dental hygiene. Because even the finest of procedures cannot guarantee an extended life of dental implants if your dental hygiene is not on point.

Get Best Dental Consultation & Treatment at Jangda Clinic

Whether you’re planning to get a dental implant or looking out for the best root canal treatment in Karachi, we’ve got it all covered for you. With top-notch dental practitioners on board, we’re offering premium quality services for our patients keeping their needs and requirements on top!

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