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5 Causes of Bad Breath Among Children

Bad Breath Childern

When children have bad breath, it is normal to assume that they may not have been brushing their teeth properly. Usually, you may send your children to the bathroom to brush their teeth and may also follow them into the bathroom to make sure they actually brush, so the bad breath can go away.

While lack of proper oral hygiene is a common cause, it is not the only cause. If the bad breath doesn’t go away with brushing, it may be time to see a children’s dental care. Bad breath doesn’t always indicate an oral issue. There are 5 common reasons for children having bad breath, regardless of simply forgetting to brush

1.Clogged Nose

It may not seem to be related, but a child can have bad breath if he or she has stuck up something in their nose. A coin or a bean in the nasal passage can cause such a smell. Parents must ask their childen if they have recently tried to stick up anything up there and see a doctor immediately if they actually have. You may not be able to get it by hand or tweezers, so a doctor can take the thing out.

2.Sinus Infection

Sinus infection is another nose related problem that can create bad breath in your child’s mouth. In sinus infection, the fluid builds up, which often results in a foul odor that brushing or mouthwashes cannot fix.

If your child complains about sensitive teeth, sore throat, or a runny nose, it can be sinus. If they don’t feel better in a few days and have bad breath as well, it may be time to consult a good doctor. You may also notice that your child will have difficulties discerning taste. He or she may want to eat richer or spicy foods than usual.

3.Infected Tonsils

Tonsils can often be diagnosed at home by using a flashlight directed toward your child’s mouth. It is optional to hold your nose if the smell of breath is intense. Tonsils can be recognized easily as they are pink with no spots on them, but if you see red and white spots that seem inflamed, you must see a doctor immediately. The tonsils paired with infection can create a bad smelling breath.

4.Dry Mouth

Children are not really great at taking care of themselves. If your child participates in sports, he or she is at a higher risk of getting dry mouth as they may not be consuming the necessary amount of fluids, which in turn reduced the production of saliva. You don’t have to rush and make an emergency visit to the doctor’s office, just focus on keeping them well hydrated and advise them to drink enough water during breaks, sports, outdoor play, and even indoor play, especially during hot days. If the dry mouth doesn’t go away, see a doctor.

5.Tooth Decay

Tooth decay is serious and you must see a children dentist, Karachi families trust. Even if your child brushes and uses mouthwash several times daily, it will not fix an already decaying tooth. It may occur as a cavity or even a gum disease, therefore, you must make a trip to the dentist office.

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