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Which Things Can Ruin Your Teeth?

Which Things Can Ruin Your Teeth?

A beautiful smile heavily depends upon the health of your teeth. We often don’t look after our teeth until (for whatever reason) they are no longer healthy. While many of us are more prone to tooth decay than others, we can follow some basic tips to keep our teeth healthy, like brushing regularly and regular dental checkups. But there are certain things we do or eat every day which may become a cause of tooth decay. Read through this as we are listing down some of the most common habits which can ruin your teeth:

Biting Non-Food Items

You may have strong and sharp teeth but they are not made to tear open a plastic bag or to chew fingernails. According to, biting fingernails can even lead to gingivitis and tooth loss. Chewing or tearing things which are not food could also lead to chipping or breakage of the tip of teeth which are the weakest part.

Sticky & Acidic Foods

Candy and sugary foods aren’t the only reason for increased cavities, but healthier foods can also do the damage. Juices and fruit smoothies are healthy drinks, while they contain high vitamins and minerals, their acid and sugar content is also high, which can cause a problem for teeth.

The best way to avoid it is to use a straw to sip these drinks and rinse your mouth with plenty of plain water afterward.

Dried fruits and sticky vitamins are also healthy but can be harmful to your teeth if you don’t rinse well afterward. Sticky substances may result in the start of the decaying process if it remains on the tooth for a long time.

Alcohol & Caffeine

Soda damages the teeth due to the high amount of sweeteners, caffeine, and carbonation which results in dry mouth. A dry mouth is prone to decay because saliva works as a rinsing agent that removes the harmful bacteria.

Other drinks like tea and coffee are not harmful if not consumed with too much sugar. Caffeine and sugary add-ons can lead to additional risks of cavities. Alcohol also comes in line which can disturb your oral health and heavy drinking could even increase the risk of oral cancer. Too much alcohol can slow down the flow of saliva in your mouth and reduces the body’s potential to use antioxidants in preventing cancers.

Overdoing It on Brushing and Flossing

Excess of anything is not good and same goes with the brushing or flossing. If you use a tough-bristled brush and repetitive motions, you may end up harming your gums. The best way is to use a soft-bristled brush with a small lateral brushing pattern to the gum line and tooth. Also, be careful when flossing as the excess of it can also damage your gums.

Ignoring the Early Signs

In dental health, ignoring the problem when it has just started can worsen it. Problems like decay, hygienic neglect, sensitive tooth, or swollen gum can cause more damage if left unchecked.

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