Getting a Dental Crown on Your Tooth

What is a Dental Crown?

Teeth are a great blessing, and when you have some dental issue, nothing is worse than that pain. So dental crowns are recommended when the filling of teeth extended to natural structure; you had Root Canal Treatment in Karachi, combining reason or cosmetic terms. Let’s find out how it’s done step by step.

1. Numbing the Tooth

The dental crown procedure starts with numbing the tooth by giving a local anesthetic to the tooth surrounding tissue, even if you had a root canal earlier.

2. Preliminary Impressions and Shade

While fabricating a dental crown, the laboratory takes the model of both your maxillary and mandibular arches to create a perfect crown for your tooth, whether you choose a ceramic, porcelain, or metallic crown.

-Alginate impressions

Dentists will take an impression of both upper and lower dental arches and pour the impression in stone to create a stone model of your teeth to create a crown.


If it’s your front tooth, you have to go to the laboratory for the custom shade of surrounding teeth, but then there is no need for shade if you chose a gold crown.

-Other options

Digital technology changed the procedure to create a crown impression; they only need a scan, but they are a little expensive with no temporary crowns.

3. Preparing the Tooth

A dental crown is a portion of a tooth with a hollow inside like a tooth cap and finished to fit correctly on the top of the tooth as it keeps the bacteria out. After numbing, the dentist places a rubber dam to trap old material, structure from falling into the mouth and clean the tooth from old filling underneath it. Then he will continue to shape the tooth, creating a slight margin like a shelf, and continue reducing the biting surface of the core.

4. Taking the Final Impression

Even the tiniest flaw in the crown can result in ill-fitting, so accurate impressions of the prepared tooth are essential. So when it’s completely done, the dentist uses a gingival retraction cord to push your gum tissue from the margin gently.Your dentist will begin taking the impression by applying a putty-like material made of polyvinyl siloxane,filling the impression tray with corresponding impression material.He will ask you to bite down over your prepared tooth.

It would be best if you bit the impression tightly, so the material is fully set, and it will take 3 to 5 minutes, so you have to be patient. The dentist will consider repetition; if there are any bubbles in the impression,it must take again to produce the accurate form.

Final Words

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