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What Causes The Jaw Pain? Read Before It’s Too Late

What Causes The Jaw Pain? Read Before It’s Too Late

If you feel pain when you chew or yawn or feel your jaw locked when you wake up, go through this article and learn how you can stop it.

Jaw pain is caused due to many factors, from cavity related nerves to sinus pressure to temporomandibular joint dysfunction (TMJ). Through any mouth activity like chewing, brushing, or sucking, the jaw connections can be triggered. Some pain can also be caused due to the misalignment of the jaw.

There are several treatments which can cure jaw pain, most of them are related to dental care. It starts with seeing a dentist and find out the cause, which can include a sinus problem, infections, toothache, or tooth grinding. According to the American Dental Association (ADA), you should never ignore these signs.


Temporomandibular joint disorder, abbreviated as TMD (also known as TMJ) is one of the common cause of jaw pain. It affects the joint that connects the jawbone to the skull. Its symptoms include tenderness and pain the jaw joint area, the face, the neck, the shoulders, and the ear, as well as clicking sounds. Some traditional treatments of TMJ include a mouth protector, muscle relaxants, and dental procedures to cure bite issues and balance biting surfaces.

Teeth Grinding

As unusual as it may sound, teeth grinding can cause jaw pain. Stress or anxiety often triggers teeth grinding in people. Severe cases can also damage the teeth, cause jaw pain, headaches, or lead to TMJ disorders. Dental procedures or mouthguards are recommended to repair the damages.

Gum Disease

The poor oral health is a major factor in gum disease including infection of the tissues and bones supporting and surrounding the teeth. Smoking, diabetes, and certain medications could also be a risk factor in this. If there are any signs of periodontal disease including sensitive teeth, painful chewing, bad breath, receding gums, tender, bleeding, red, and swollen gums, consult your dentist. Gum disease can be prevented by following proper oral hygiene.

Sinus Pain

Sinus infections can also be one of the reasons for jaw pain. If you are having sinus pain, you can wait till the cold pass or take allergy medicine as prescribed by your doctor to rule out the sinuses. Some dentist may prescribe a short-term nasal spray and if the pain is cured, it’s not a dental issue and the patient must consult his regular ENT specialist or Doctor.

These are some of the causes of jaw pain you should look after and still if you are experiencing any kind of dental pain then visit Jangda Clinic in Karachi. Jangda Clinic provides complete dental implant service along with dental crowns, dental veneers, teeth whitening, teeth cleaning & filling, Root Canal Treatment, dental bridges and affordable orthodontist treatment in Karachi. To book an appointment, contact Jangda Clinic at 9221-34940575.

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