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Importance of Regular Dental Checkup

Regular Dental Check Up

Oral health is often given not much importance as compared to other diseases, but it is essential to have a regular dental checkup every six months to keep our teeth and gums healthy.

What Happens At Your Dental Visit?

A dental checkup is divided into two parts – examination or checkup and the cleaning or oral prophylaxis.

During the regular dental checkup, your dental professional will examine for cavities. X-rays might be used to find cavities building in your teeth. The plaque and tartar will also be checked. Plaque is a clear layer of bacteria. If not removed timely, it can get harder and transform into tartar. Tartar can’t be removed by brushing or flossing. Plaque and tartar can become the reason for oral diseases if not treated on time.

Next, your gums will go through an examination. A particular device is used to measure the depth of the spaces between the gums and teeth. If the gums are healthy, the spaces will be shallow while the spaces become deeper when the one is suffering from gum disease.

The checkup is not limited to your mouth, but throat, head, face, and neck are also checked for any signs of redness, swelling, or cancer.

Scaling is a part of your regular dental checkup. Scaling is a process of deep cleaning of the teeth. It is done by using special tools to remove tartar. However, plaque can also be cleaned at home with the help of brushing and flossing.

After scaling, your teeth will be polished if necessary. In most cases, a past grainy paste is used to clean any stains left on the surface of your teeth. Finally, the flossing is done to clean the areas between your teeth.

Things to Do Between Each Dental Visit

Taking care of your teeth is easy; you only need to follow a few easy steps to ensure oral health. Brush and floss regularly as it will eliminate the chances of plaque to form on your teeth. Here are some easy tips for maintaining oral hygiene at home.

Brush at least twice a day. Use toothpaste that contains fluoride.

Floss daily.

Mouthwash will help fight plaque bacteria, plus it will keep your breath fresh.

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