Why You Should Be Brushing Your Tongue?

Why You Should Be Brushing Your Tongue?

Teeth Cleaning regularly is a good habit also brush your tongue because the bacteria can live on your tongue and cause disease. You may have seen people with dental issues some have the reason for age or some have a bad habit of not brushing their teeth. To fight against bad breath and killing bacteria on the tongue you need to clean it according to the recommendations of the best teeth cleaning services in Karachi.

Your tongue is covered with bacteria

You don’t bother to care about your tongue and think only brushing teeth can solve the problem, while the thing is to understand that tongue is also needed to clean. Just like when you drink coffee, wine, or tea your tongue turns to the color so it is needed to clean like teeth because of bacteria. There are crevices and elevations all over the tongue where bacteria can hide unless it is removed so it’s better to brush your tongue as well to stop developing cavities.

Rinsing won’t work

You shouldn’t be careless about tongue cleanliness and know that it is a group of microorganisms that accumulate on the surface of the tongue. However, mouth wash or water rinsing isn’t enough to clean the tongue as it only cleans the outer surface, not biofilm where the cells beneath the surface still thrive. People think that brushing teeth is enough to protect the mouth whereas bacteria on tongue can lead to bad breathe and tooth damage. So it is essential to clean the tongue with a toothbrush.

How to clean your tongue?

Everybody knows well how to brush teeth just like it brush your tongue. Use toothbrush back and forth and side to side on the tongue and rinse with water. Do not prolong the procedure for a long time or it can damage the tongue skin or you can use tongue scraper which is available on drug stores.

Bad breathe still a problem?

After brushing your teeth and tongue if you still facing bad breathe issues then consult a doctor or dentist. Because you may have some serious issue like tooth infection, nose, sinuses, throat, medications, or diabetes can cause bad breath.


You should make it a daily routine to brush your tongue regularly as experts recommend it to avoid bacteria in your mouth. So always clean your tongue whenever you brush your teeth and rinse the mouth properly. Plus, if you are facing any dental problems, reach out to the finest dental clinic in Karachi, the Jangda Clinic. Give us a call at 0300-2204070 for an appointment.

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