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How Periodontal Disease and Child Obesity Related

Child Obesity

Periodontal disease refers to a bacterial infection affecting tissues of the bone that support the teeth. When the inflammation increases, the teeth become loose as the gum no longer supports them firmly. Obesity, on the other hand, is simply being overweight. According to experts, the world is experiencing more obese cases among children than before. Obesity in children can be attributed to the arrival of the digital world that preoccupies them. Physical exercise is necessary to cut down the possibility of a child becoming overweight. If you have any concerns regarding your child’s dental health, it is best to contact a professional and experienced orthodontist in Karachi. Should always seek immediate care if their oral health is in a bad state.

How Obesity Leads to Periodontal Diseases

When a child is obese, his or her body is prone to numerous health hazards like cancer, sleep apnea, arthritis, or heart problems. Overweight children may have psychological problems, which include low self-esteem.

Fat Cells

A recent study made by health experts indicated there was a link between the obesity in children and the rate of infection of the gum disease. According to the experts, periodontal disease was likely to be found in children who are overweight instead of those with a normal weight. The reason for periodontal diseases is that the obese children contain more fat cells. The fat cells generate chemical substances and hormones that increase the rate of inflammation in the body and affect the immune system.

When the immune system is weak, the periodontal disease infects the child quickly. When the child’s overall immune is weakened, the body becomes prone to other diseases apart from the periodontal disease. The fat cells may obstruct the blood flow toward the gums, and other parts of the body as well. When blood flow is limited in the gum region, the periodontal disease becomes prevalent.

Insulin-Deficiency and Gum Inflammation

A research revealed there was an interconnection between insulin-deficiency and the rate of gum diseases. The researchers also reported most children that were insulin-resistant had an inflammation in their gums. In extreme cases, the inflammation progresses into a periodontal disease. Besides, very few children whose insulin was working correctly were found to be having gum problems.

If a child is obese or has a poor dental health, find a good dentist in Karachi to get the right Root Canal Treatment. A reliable dentist can help obese children embrace an exceptional oral health.


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