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7 Facts about Root Canal Treatment You Should Know

Facts about Root Canal Treatment You Should Know

We have all heard about root canal therapy but very few know what it is and what one has to go through. Some of us are scared due to exaggerated claims about discomfort and pain linked with it. However, having a clear idea about this procedure can help to wipe away any irrational fears one may have. Plus, knowing also helps in making the treatment process convenient and easier for the root canal dentist and the patient.

Here, we will briefly discuss 7 essential factors you should know about root canal treatment.

1. Pain Subsiding Doesn’t Mean You Don’t Need Root Canal Treatment

Many people try to wait and delay going to the dentist, the reason behind is that you experience the pain when bacteria effect the tooth’s pulp, if you wait too long, the pain will disappear when the pulp dies. But the later stage will be more painful as it will turn into infection that goes to the roots. Therefore, it is strongly advised to see your dentist ASAP if you experience any pain or discomfort.

2. Taking Antibiotics Doesn’t Cure Tooth Infections

Most people try to treat the tooth infection with antibiotics. However, it doesn’t effectively work because the working mechanism of antibiotics needs to reach the infected site through the bloodstream, since the location of tooth infection, the medicine can’t reach the infection to treat it.

3. The Procedure Doesn’t Cause Pain

The dentists have multiple ways to reduce any sort of pain you may experience. The affected area will be given a local anesthetic to fully numb it so you won’t feel anything.

4. It Has a Healing Period

Like any other treatment, root canal therapy has its healing period. You will have to be cautious in the recovery period like consume soft foods and take the recommended painkillers or medications to accelerate the healing process.

5. Aftercare Is Important

Aftercare is particularly important in root canal treatment as it may save your tooth, but weakens it also. For extra protection, your dentist will likely attach a crown. Plus, you need to follow any kind of instructions your dentist gives for aftercare.

6. It Isn’t an Invincible Treatment

It is not for forever! The root canal treatment can last up to 15 years with proper care. You still need to take extra care of your teeth and oral hygiene at all times. Also ensure to visit your dentist once every 6 months to prevent any further damage.

7. It Saves You from Pulling Your Tooth

The most important thing to know is that root canal treatment helps in saving your tooth and smile. It is a minimally invasive and highly effective treatment.

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