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7 Easy Ways to Protect Your Teeth

7 Easy Ways to Protect Your Teeth

A smile tells much more about a person than their eyes can. An instant show of pearly whites gives you a perfect first impression, while yellow teeth or whiff of bad breath can leave of embarrassed. But don’t worry if you are having any of these problems, Jangda Clinic, the best service provider of teeth whitening in Karachi, is sharing easy tips to take care of your teeth.

1. Brush Twice a Day, For Two Minutes

Always brush twice a day for two minutes. According to the American Dental Association (ADA), brushing teeth daily will it in top hygiene. Brush your teeth and tongue with a soft-bristled toothbrush and fluoride toothpaste to keep them protected against bacteria. Brushing also pulls out any remaining particles of food which can cause cavities.

2. A Morning Brush Fights Morning Breath

A mouth is filled with food particles and bacteria, plus it is warm and wet. It can cause plaque. As soon as it starts building in your mouth, it hardens on your teeth and form tartar. The tartar can cause irritation in your gums and can lead to other gum diseases as well as cause bad breath. It is very important to brush in the morning to help fight the plaque that’s built up overnight.

3. Don’t Overbrush

Excessiveness of anything is bad, same goes with brushing your teeth. If you are brushing more than twice a day and longer than four minutes total, it could damage the enamel layer which protects your teeth. The absence of enamel layer will leave the layer of dentin exposed. Dentin has tiny pores that go to nerve endings. If it gets triggered, you might feel all sorts of pain.

4. Don’t Turbocharge

In order to take care of your teeth, some may end up applying too much pressure on your brush. Refrain from doing that. Don’t brush too hard as it will remove the enamel layer. Enamel is hard enough to save teeth from all the edibles as well as beginning of the digestive process.

5. Make Sure You Floss Every Day

You can avoid scraping at dentist if you floss daily. Flossing cleans up the particles that brushing misses. It also helps in cleaning plaque and the buildup of tartar.

6. It Doesn’t Matter When You Do It

No need to get confused which comes first, brushing or flossing. Just remember to do it daily.

7. Stay Away From Soda

Soda is like the biggest enemy of teeth and yes, it includes diet soda too. The acid in soda attacks the teeth and eats away the enamel, which creates cavities and stains on the tooth. Avoid soda and soft drinks to save yourself from drinking-related tooth decay.

Jangda Clinic provides extensive dental services in Karachi. Get rid of any kind of dental pain or swelling on your gums. Our services include affordable dental implant in Karachi along with dental crowns, teeth whitening, teeth cleaning & filling, Root Canal Treatment, dental veneers, dental bridges and orthodontist treatment. Give us a call at 009221-34940575.

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