How to Care for Your Teeth after Filling

Care For Your Teeth After Filling

Dental fillings help in restoring the function and form of damaged and decaying teeth. If you’re getting teeth fillings in Karachi or in any other city, you will have to take certain steps to care for your teeth after fillings and to improve your overall dental health. Here are a few things you need to do.

Take Medicines

Your dentist may prescribe certain medicines to keep any pain at bay. These medicines will also help in curbing tooth sensitivity and in preventing your gums from swelling. It is, however, your job to take your medicines on time and in the dosage prescribed by the dentist. Pain and sensitivity are expected to last for a week after fillings. If they persist, contact your dentist.

Avoid too Hot or Cold Foods and Beverages

Because your teeth and fillings will be extremely sensitive for the next few days, it is advisable to stay away from consuming too hot or too cold foods and beverages. Such foods can easily disrupt the bond of your fillings. These bonds take at least 24 hours to form. Use lukewarm foods/beverages till then. If you’re being served hot food, make sure to cool it down to room temperature before eating.

Chew from the Opposite Side

When you finally eat your food, make sure to chew from the opposite side of your mouth to where the filling took place. However, this routine is only temporary and should last for at least 2 days after filling. This will give your filling set sufficient time to bond with your gums and ensure that they are not loosened or damaged in the process.

Avoid Sticky Foods

Hard, chewy and sticky foods, such as caramel, candies, raw vegetables and granola bars, can ruin your fillings. Biting hard food can easily fracture your tooth filling. Sticky food, on the other hand, adheres to your teeth and makes them susceptible to cavities. Food that sticks in between your teeth can weaken our fillings and put you at a risk of cavities.

Control Your Sugar Intake

Controlling sugary and acidic foods goes a long way in improving your oral health. If you don’t resist your cravings for sugar, you’re risking tooth decay. Over a period of time, sugars will break down your fillings. Therefore, it is important to maintain a healthy diet to keep your fillings safe from breaking and falling apart. Increase your water intake and rinse your mouth as often as you can. Eat a well-balanced diet.

Brush and Floss Ever Day

It doesn’t matter if you were not regular on brushing and flossing previously. You can always start anew after fillings. This will maintain and improve your oral health and strengthen your fillings even further. The key is to brush and floss after every meal. Remove any and all food stuck between your teeth and make sure to remove those lingering tea and coffee stains. Try cutting down on your alcohol and tobacco intake as well.

Consult your dentist/oral surgeon on a frequent basis. If you experience any pain or discomfort, discuss it with your dentist as soon as possible.Find out more at our dental clinic or call now at 9221-34940575.

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