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6 Bad Oral Habits in Children

Kid Chewing Object

Oral hygiene issues are very common among people, especially little children who are majorly attracted to junk and sugary foods. These foods and bad oral habits highly contribute to develop oral issues in children. However, some potentially destructive bad oral habits seem more challenging to control or even correct, but parents must look for expert dental services including fillings and crowns Karachi residents trust.
Children often, subconsciously or unintentionally, get involved in bad oral habits leading to damage, decay, and loss of teeth and tissue damage as well. These consequences can be prevented or even corrected by avoiding the below mentioned bad oral habits.

1. Chewing on Hard Objects

Children don’t consider consequences of chewing on hard objects, such as suckers, ice, and jawbreakers. These items can lead to fractured teeth and may cause major problems if they contain sugar. Cavities can occur if the sugar gets stuck to the teeth and cause tooth decay.
This problem can be solved by avoiding hard candy altogether. In addition, avoid serving children drinks with ice.

2. Clenching and Grinding Teeth

Persistent grinding and clenching of teeth cause fracture and wear. It can also lead to jaw problems. Bite guards may be a better option to prevent damage by clenching and grinding. Night grinding in children may indicate significant problems and they may undergo airway obstruction.

3. Consuming Sodas and Energy Drinks

Soda companies have convinced young consumers that water alone cannot help dehydration. They heavily market rehydrate or power-up energy drinks, which include sugar and acids causing tooth decay. Parents must convince and encourage their children to drink plain water only.

4. Nail Biting

Nail biting is a very bad habit, which can start at a young age. It can lead to chipping of front teeth and even fractures. This habit can be prevented if parents advise their children to keep hands busy with a soft stress ball or a stuffed toy when under stress.

5. Brushing Hardly

Brushing hardly with a nylon brush tends to damage the tooth and root surface, and can lead to gum recession.
It is essential to teach children from a young age to daily brush their teeth gently to remove the soft plaque that is occurring. Consider polyester brushes, as they are the softest brushes available. They eliminate the plaque effectively, which can lead to cavities and gum disease while causing no damage to the teeth.

6. Sucking on Thumb and Fingers

One of the most amazing parts of parenthood is when a child starts sucking on his or her thumb or fingers, but this is considered as one of the major bad habits that develops from an extremely young age. It can lead to deformation of upper and lower arches of the mouth. Our hands carry more germs than any other part of the body, which may lead to other diseases by sucking on thumb and fingers.

Parents and guardians are responsible for the health and well being of children. They must teach their children to be very careful with random objects around the house and not to put them in the mouth to prevent potential painful tissues. If your child feels pain in teeth or have other oral problem, make sure to immediately consult a expert dental care who specializes in crowns, dental implant, and fillings in Karachi to ensure your child’s oral health.

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