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Should We Make An Appointment For The Dentist During The COVID-19 Pandemic?

Appointment for the Dentist During Pandemic

American dental association following the government’s recommendations regarding containment and prevention of COVID-19 (coronavirus). You should avoid going to the dentist even if you had an appointment (like Root Canal Treatment) but reschedule it. From 31 December 2019, a human-based-virusinfected enormous people and cause deaths. Everywhere in the world, it has become a pandemic disease, as this is highly contagious and spreading fast. The governments are restricting people to stay at home and save others’ life as well.

Not A Good Option To Go To The Dentist

You should avoid disease exposure because the virus outside could infect you as well. The orthodontist is being asked to take extra safety measures to prevent disease by using sanitized tools in case of emergency. The surfaces and equipment used in dental procedures must be sterilized between patient visits and should give a time interval longer than usual.

Precautionary Measurements

If you are visiting Jangda Clinic, the finest dental clinic in Karachi, you will witness that the orthodontist staff is fully equipped with protective tools such as (gloves, masks, eye cover, and disposable gowns). Now the screening is making it possible to let the patient enter the clinics who already had appointments. Their temperature checked, and hand sanitizer and facial tissues are necessary tasks. The dentist will ask you to wash your hands before and after the surgery.

Recommended Rescheduling

Keep in mind if you do not have a dental emergency, then postpone the procedure or reschedule your appointments by talking to your orthodontist. The risks are higher with the age of 60 years or older they are comfortable carriers of coronavirus. You should also avoid bringing people along in the clinic for dental treatment if necessary, then ask them to stay in the car instead of the office’s lobby.

If You Are Sick

According to the medical centres for disease control and prevention guidelines, if you are sick, then you would be sent back to your home and postpone the visit. To avoid spreading the coronavirus, you better need to stay in isolation in nonemergency conditions. Or the other elective measurements can be taken if the treatment is necessary. The dentists in Karachi and patients can work together while taking appropriate precautions on a case-by-case basis. They can decide whether to treat the infectious patient as typically the dental settings are not composed to move out all of the transmission-based precautions in the hospital.


If you don’t need emergency treatment, then it’s better to stay home and stay safe from the disease of coronavirus. The COVID-19 virus is rapidly spreading all over the world. So, don’t risk your life and others by going outside. You can postpone your dental appointments for the latter time. Unfortunately, if you are sick, then you should keep yourself isolated from others and stay home in isolation. Be careful for yourself and your family members, and avoid getting infected from the contiguous virus. Stay safe, stay home!

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